David Tobin On Why & When To Sell Performing & Non-Performing Loans

November 13, 2018

Why & When To Sell Performing & Non-Performing Loans With David Tobin from Mission Capital on Vimeo.

Mission Capital’s principal and co-founder, David Tobin, shares his extensive experience and insight on Why and When To Sell Performing and Non-Performing Loans.

William David Tobin is one of two founders of Mission Capital and a founder of EquityMultiple, an on-line loan and real estate equity syndication platform seed funded by Mission Capital. He has extensive transactional experience in loan sale advisory, real estate investment sales and commercial real estate debt and equity raising. In addition, Mr. Tobin is Chief Compliance Officer for Mission Capital.

Under Mr. Tobin’s guidance and supervision, Mission has been awarded and continues to execute prime contractor FDIC contracts for Whole Loan Internet Marketing & Support (loan sales), Structured Sales (loan sales) and Financial Advisory Valuation Services (failing bank and loss share loan portfolio valuation), Federal Reserve Bank of New York (loan sales), Freddie Mac (programmatic bulk loan sales for FHFA mandated deleveraging), multiple ongoing Federal Home Loan Bank valuation contracts and advisory assignments with the National Credit Union Administration.

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Mission Capital represents preeminent financial institutions, investors and government agencies on the sale of performing, sub-performing and non-performing debt secured by all types of commercial and consumer collateral, commercial real estate investment property and tax liens.