Jordan Ray Named One of RE Forum’s Fifty Under 40

October 31, 2017

Mission Capital’s Jordan Ray was named one of RE Forum’s Fifty Under 40 for 2017.

Commercial real estate used to be a niche field in terms of career trajectories. If it wasn’t a family business, a young professional typically found him or herself in the industry by accident. Yet thanks to the growth of CRE-specific higher education programs, the discipline has become a leading career choice.

And thank goodness for that, since it’s attracted some of the best and brightest talent of the latest generation. This was evidenced in the hundreds of nominations we received for Real Estate Forum’s most recent “50 Under 40” feature. These remarkable, high-achieving and innovative young professionals made their marks in various ways, from closing billions of dollars’ worth of transactions to creating products that promise to alter the way we do business.

The finalists also exhibited a unifying commitment to professional growth, be it their own or that of others, through mentoring students and younger colleagues or focusing on clients’ individual needs. In addition to earning reputations for intelligence, diligence and client dedication, many of the candidates exhibited an uncommon drive in caring about humanitarian causes. One rode a bicycle cross country to raise money for lung cancer research, another presides over one of the largest NGOs promoting literacy in India and one even rappelled the Omni Building in Nashville for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The diverse strengths and accomplishments demonstrated by the young women and men who made it into this year’s roster provide an encouraging glimpse into the future of the industry.


Jordan G. Ray, 38
Mission Capital Advisors
New York City

Possessing a remarkable proficiency in securing capital for a wide range of real estate projects, Jordan Ray was instrumental in building out Mission Capital Advisor’s finance desk, which operated as just a two-person team when he took over. Founder David Tobin, who had firmly established Mission Capital’s commercial and residential loan operations, partnered with Ray to start a “counter-cyclical” hedge to the loan sale business, with a unit raising capital for CRE investors in a technologically progressive way. Working with the firm’s in-place infrastructure, Ray helped create a well-rounded company with both cyclical and counter-cyclical business lines. Under his guidance, the finance desk has grown into a national mortgage and equity brokerage that employs 22 professionals, closes approximately $2 billion in annual deal volume and is active in every major US market.


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