Mission Capital Completes Debt Restructuring for Las Vegas Apartment Communities

October 25, 2013

Source: Mortgage Observer Weekly

Mission Capital Advisors has arranged $36.9 million in financing on behalf of the privately held real estate investment firm The Siegel Group as part of a comprehensive debt restructuring the borrower recently completed on several of its Las Vegas properties.

October 25, 2013

..,Ve were able to e.'<Cel in these transactions by """'fully e.'CJ>Jaining to lenders the unique nolease-required business model of the Sie­ gelGroup,highlighting[fuunder and CEO]Ste­ phen Siegel's operational experienoe and by demonstrating that the properties had strong financial perfurmanoes in both good timesand bad,he said_'"f his stability is especially ipressive in Las Vegas, which was one of the hardesthit nuul<ets in the country during the downtum."

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