Real Estate Forum Highlight: Jonathon Moore

April 1, 2014

Source: Real Estate Forum

Short feature highlighting Mission Capital Director Jonathon More.

Jonathon More,32


Mission Capital Advisors LLC

More grew up in a real estate family,so commer­ cial real estate was a natural ability for him. He is known for his attention to detail with a knack for thinking ahead within tran action to antici­ pate landmine . More's current responsibilities include oxiginating, structuring and executing

high value-add real estate capital nationwide, including debt, subor­

dinate debt and JV equi ty financing i n an advisory capacity. Since
2010, he's completed 36 transactions for a total dollar volume of approximately $2.1 billion. After 11years in the busi ne s, he believes IewYork is approaching the point in the cycle where deals are being put together over a weekend and speed, work ethic and market intel­ ligence is how he and the firm are creating success for their clients.

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