Work Force – Jonathan More

October 1, 2013

Source: Mortgage Observer Weekly

Mission Capital Advisors is continuing to grow its debt and equity finance group with the addition of Jonathan More, who has joined as a director.

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Mission Capital Ad­ visors is continui ng to grow its dcbl and equity finance grour with the addilion of Jonathan More, who has joined as adirector.
He'll be respon >iblc
for originating. struc­ turing and underwritincommercial real l l.alc transactiom across the cmmtry He joins from Ack­ man-Zitf. where hespent three years, most n.'Ccntly

ojX!cialWlJngoffice. retail and residentiallin:mcin t

:md loan sale oovisory services.

"'The aggressi'e expansion of our debt and equi­ ty fi- nn.nce woup continue!> to be wcUsupported b)' our abj]jty to attract the industry's top talent, whose

!"killo; sets arc strongly al1gncd w1th tlu.• needs of our

clients,• fis

are confident Umt J uJUllhan's <k-cp market knowl­ edge and industry relation!-<hi{).'l, as W'11 as his cre­ ati'e and chl4, ent scmcc approach, will contnl>ute tohis role as a V31uable m«>mbf>r of our team.''

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