Mission Capital is an established authority in valuing performing, re-performing, sub-performing and non-performing loan portfolios as well as individual property valuations. Mission Capital’s clients include the FDIC, Federal Home Loan Banks, and private portfolio lenders.

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Mission Capital utilizes a variety of proprietary financial models in its valuation approach: Constant Default Rate model for performing single family loan portfolios; Probabilistic Model for single family loans which utilizes various valuation scenarios and weights them based on a loan’s exhibited risk factors; Risk Adjusted Yield Model, which determines the value of seasoned performing commercial loans based on investors’ yield expectations adjusted for risk factors; Senior-Sub (Restructure) Model, which considers collateral value (or lack thereof) in restructured loans; Default/Foreclosure Model, which considers all costs and potential delays (for bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc) associated with the foreclosure and sale of the collateral and considers state by state timelines.

In support of property valuations, Mission Capital utilizes proprietary discounted cash flow, IRR waterfall and leveraged/unleveraged return models as well as ARGUS.


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