Mission Accomplished for Freddie

October 23, 2013

Source: Real Estate Weekly

Mission Capital Advisors advised Freddie Mac in its first multifamily bulk loan sale.


OCTOBER 23, 2011


MISSION CAPITAL A.OVlSORS Mission accomplished for Freddie

Mis$ion CapitalAlfvi$01’$ advised Froddje Mac in i1S first mu tifamlly bulk loan sale.
All a1f late of Colony Capitalpurcflased tile portfolio ol2.7 perfOI’T!Wlg mortgage lolUI$ with an u’lpald pnnclpalbatanoe of S195 n. 1011, which included multifam y, student Musirlg and assls e4-livillg facilities.

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said Will S1edge, manag g director of 1\&slon.

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